Saturday, October 1, 2011

Make-up bag to clutch

I was super fortunate to be in a completely awesome wedding a few months ago!
The bride was totally sane (yay!) and the group of girls that made up the wedding party were close friends and therefore an amazing time was had by all.
The bride was also extremely thoughtful and generous in thanking us for being in her wedding and got us adorable Coach make-up bags that are absolutely awesome!
However, since I am notorious for beating the be-jebus out of a make-up bag I was not super enthused about shoving my mascara and half open green eyeshadow in this way too pretty to be abused bag.
Therefore I made it a clutch in 2 steps, with 1 foot of chain that cost me $0.24 from Lowes, and a ribbon I had leftover from a gift I received.
I present the DIY:
You need, 1 foot of chain, about 20 inches of ribbon, and four jewelry jump rings.
Use two jump rings to attach each end of the chain to the zipper, creating a loop. Then thread the ribbon through the chain and tie a bow.
Unfortunately no one was home to take a pic of me with the bag, so here is the self-portrait. I'm sure that I will post an outfit with this clutched in my hand very soon!


Anonymous said...

This is a GREAT idea!

Avocado Pardo said...

Thank you! Hopefully there will be a full "outfit" picture soon, with this incorporated.