Saturday, October 8, 2011

Culinary Delights

Today was a day of culinary delights, and though I don't have any pictures, I can't refrain from bragging. Because 2 of the 3 meals I ate today were cooked by SOMEONE ELSE! This is a virtually unheard of occurrence.
A delicious broccoli and garlic omelette made by the husbando, OUT for dinner which is such a rare event that it feels like a solar eclipse, and ice cream at Peaceful Meadows.
I'm not thrilled with my eating decisions today because I strive to be healthy and I had a bit of a weight gain situation since I was in several wedding this summer that inevitably involved lots of good food and drinking. However, I'm trying to be far more reasonable about this.
I know that one day of indulging myself is not going to cause a 5 pound weight gain, and I have to lighten up a little!

So, Im' going to embrace that mentality and go pop open a Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA.
The only beer more glorious than their 90 minute IPA.

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