Sunday, October 2, 2011

Easiest date night dinner EVER!

Lest everyone think that I spend every night making loads of homemade food, I present to you the easiest date night meal EVER!
First, purchase many a good cheese (I recommend Trader Joes for this, great selection, remarkably inexpensive), mixed olives, mussels and bread. That's right, I bought the bread. It's a date night, I felt like I deserved the special treat of not dealing with yeast.
Second, make hummus and marinated mushrooms (recipes to follow in a future post), and mussels. This was our first try at mussels at home and I let the husbando take the reigns so really, I did virtually nothing.
Third, pick up delicious new beers to complement your picnic spread.
Fourth, pop in X-Men First Class if you haven't seen it yet, you will thank me later! Though I'm sure that like me you will find the only flaw in this film to be the horrific butchering of Emma Frost's character by January Jones. Who is in fact simply a pretty face. Boo.

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