Sunday, October 9, 2011

Shoe Rescue

Ever have a pair of shoes that just never seem to work?
I bought these delightful red patent leather, peep toe, big platform beauties about 4 years ago. I was convinced that I was going to wear these with every outfit in my closet.
I've worn them twice.
Why? Because I can't reconcile the shiny patent red and the much more casual wooden heel and platform. Every time I go to put them on with a casual outfit I think "The shiny red is too dressy", and every time I go to wear them with a dressy outfit I think "Wow, the wooden heel really makes this too casual".
We were therefore at an impasse.
Until I thought of two key ingredients that could make these shoes fabulous:
1. Mod Podge
2. Glitter
Because truly, what can't Mod Podge and Glitter solve? WWIII, I'm going to suggest a glitter party.
I taped the shoes off with painters tape to keep clean lines:
Then I mixed a little bit of glitter in with the Mod Podge to give it some weight, used a fine paintbrush to paint a layer of Mod Podge on and liberally sprinkled with super fine glitter. I recommend springing for the fashion glitter, it's super fine and durable.
Please note that while this is a super cheap way to fancy up a pair of shoes it makes a MASSIVE mess. Though I suppose for one learned in the glitter arts it may not get as ugly:
And so I haven't cleaned off the excess glitter yet because they're still drying and I don't want to disturb them but this is basically how they look, expect an outfit post soon!
All those glitter scientists out there, I was thinking I should spray these with a decoupage sealant....thoughts on that? What should I use?

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