Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stop the madness

I don't care what brewery you are, I don't care where the idea came from, I don't care how big the market is as the weather starts to get cooler:
Please, please, please stop producing pumpkin ale.
All of you.
You're taking a wonderful craft and killing it.
It's just gross.
Stop the insanity!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Gray and Yellow

Officially obsessed with mixing light gray and mustard yellow.
Like I bought a pair of mustard shoes just so that I could mix them without having too much yellow up near my skin (which incidentally is not so forgiving of yellow if it is not August).
The shoes were a sweet $12 Target score! Granted, the left one squeaks a bit, just the left one, so every other step I take probably vaguely reminds everyone of mice, but they're hot so I deal.

I have yet to really explain to husbando the concept of "outfit shots" for a blog. Therefore when I asked him to take a picture of my work outfit the other day to illustrate the gray/yellow combo that I'm loving this is what I got:
Side note: I don't believe in retouching AT ALL, I live a real life, I have real flaws, including the whole scene going on behind me in this picture, it was 7:30am with a 2 year old, getting ready to leave for work. This is real life.

Now I also dig mixing necklines, and so I'm grateful for that part of the shot, but these are the shoes that went with it, connect them in your head please:
Next time I wear these bad boys you better believe there's going to be an outfit post, with a close up of the damn shoes!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Garden: Total Failure

Well, almost a total failure. My garden this year did an excellent job of supplying us with enough basil to kill a village.
However, this is the rest of my harvest:
That's right kids, two frickin-frackin zucchinis.
That's it.
I watered, it had plenty of sun, not a single eggplant or cubanelle pepper even showed signs of life.
Any tips gardeners?? Because I'm beyond frustrated with the wasted money and lack of fresh produce. Of course that just means that next year I'm going to have to plant two gardens. Grrrrr.


My daughter is in to rhyming lately, as in, she won't say a word without trying to rhyme it!
So this morning we were eating "Scones-Mones":
Delicious strawberry scones from the Better Homes and Gardens, recipe here, which amazingly I have no alterations on. Usually when I try a recipe there's something I change but these are just freaking perfect. I didn't use freeze dried strawberries this time because the fresh ones are perfect right now.
And isn't there something just delightful about having your morning coffee in a small cup with a saucer underneath? The husbando and I were talking about how it just felt like we were at a bed and breakfast.
Super classy.

My wedding hiatus

I didn't even need this long of a hiatus when I got married!
I have taken the last 2-3 months off of my extracurriculars because of two lovely weddings that I had the privilege of being in!
Though I thoroughly enjoyed participating in both of them I'm ready to have a little more time to write and work on my own personal projects.
I plan on starting to write my novel more seriously (I've been working on it for a while and I really feel the characters coming alive in my head), and doing at least four blog posts on this per week. Not really sure how to start getting this out there so first I'm going to start writing and then I'll see what it develops in to!
Wish me luck!