Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Diva in Training"

At my little cherubs weekly sing a long today there was a girl with a shirt that said "Diva in Training".
There are many, many things that I wanted to say to her mother but I didn't because I was trying to stay in the confines of polite society and I was too busy moving Belle away from that girl lest she inadvertently become friends with her.

Following is a small rant of the things that are wrong with calling your daughter a "Diva in Training".
Self-confidence is wonderful, all little girls should have it, we should all do our best to teach our girls to be proud of who they are.
Self-importance is something entirely different. It is a horrific attitude that basically amounts to "I'm better than you, more important than you, and you should do stuff for me". This is dismal behavior in an adult, in a child it's so grotesque that it inspires a physical reaction in me, blood pressure rises, and I find myself wanting to assault the parents who cultivated that attitude.
I imagine that these Diva-children end up being the kind of self-absorbed horror shows that expect people to hold umbrellas for them (I'm looking at you Beyonce), who want people to see them work out in high heels (I'm looking at you Mariah), and who think that all the rules of society apply to everyone but them including silly little things like laws (Paris Hilton, your turn to get the evil eye).

But, the thing that really bothers me the MOST about a mother being proud that she has a "Diva in Training" is that this poor child is going to grow up without knowing the joy of what it means to help your fellow man.

I know that probably sounds a bit extreme, but it is this kind of attitude cultivated at a young age that causes children to lose their innate abilities of empathy, caring and compassion. If this little girl starts out now thinking that others are meant to serve her will she ever know what it means to serve others? To make a meal for someone, to help a friend, to give a stranger change for the parking meter, to hold a door open for a woman who has an arm full of groceries, to assist an elderly person in the grocery store.

It is time that we stopped teaching children that they are the only important thing in the world, that there needs come before anyone else's. It is not only severely detrimental to them, but to the vast majority of our future society if we continue to cultivate Divas.


KiMbAnAcHi said...

Well written, my love!


This is a job for said...

I stumbled into your blog because of a random search for avocados. Thank goodness. I am at work and have been absorbed for 45 minutes! You're inspirational and it makes me feel good to read some of your comments and your commitment to better yourself and your family with innovation, hard work and determination. Most parents feel like they can replace all these commitments to their family by buying them things. I love what you have to say about the Diva in Training. I have a 2yo that I am trying feverishly to not have affected by the diva and princess ideas in the mainstream. Well written comments and I hope to read much more of your blog.

Avocado Pardo said...

Thank you so much! That is so sweet! Glad that a search for avocados brought you here, it's always great to hear from someone who is in the same position as me, with a little one, who's fighting the good fight every day! :)