Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Drawing a blank!

So on a "just looking" trip through IKEA on Saturday the husbando spotted an awesome find for the wall in our kitchen.
We've been wanting something a little more "country" but also functional because we have nearly zero cabinet and counter space.
So we came home with this, which we both really like:

Wow my wall is not that shiny in real life FYI.
The problem is that now I'm drawing a total blank on what to put in it. I like the little spice jars and intend to actually transfer my spices to them probably tomorrow.
I know that I want to hang mismatched vintage tea cups from the hooks (plan on asking my grampa what he has laying around this weekend), but other than that I literally have no ideas.
Do I put some of my big platters in the plate section?
Jars of dry goods like rice?
A goldfish?

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