Monday, October 3, 2011

Dangerously Delicious: Homemade Goldfish

Truly, if I had known how awesome this recipe was going to come out I probably would never have made the homemade goldfish. Since any hopes I had of losing the 5 pounds I gained during wedding season just went out the window with these delightful little goodies!
I found the recipe here, and I'm already itching to try the other stuff she has posted, gloriously crunchy looking wheat thins, graham crackers, the list is simply endless of what looks amazing on that site. What a find!
I made them exactly as she does, only I used 1/2 white flour and 1/2 whole wheat so they are darker than standard Goldfish crackers, but they are still amazingly delicious. Also, mine are no where near as uniform and eye pleasing as hers, I think I will have to invest in a small cookie cutter instead of using the pizza cutter.
If you have the ingredients in your house (which I bet a lot of you do), make them tonight. If you don't, go to the grocery store and still make them tonight. AMAZING!
Oh, and I think that my 2-year old liked them. Which is why I made them in the first place, a nice preservative free snack where I could pronounce all the ingredients!


Ellie said...

Your cheese crackers look delicious...I am so glad you liked them:)!

Avocado Pardo said...

Thank you Ellie! Your blog is such an inspiration, I know I will be posting more links to you as I try new recipes!