Tuesday, October 18, 2011

House Party Pack arrived!!

I received an email from Shutterfly (which FYI I do always open because they are constantly having great sales or offering a free photobook or something), and it was a link up to a website I had never heard of, House Party.
So I went on, and they were accepting applications to host a party for Shutterfly and get a free photobook and greeting cards for each of your guests.
And at first I thought, wow, Shutterfly got hacked by this random creepy website.
But no, no.
Turns out I had just been under a rock and didn't know that this was like the genius of guerilla marketing for the 21st century.
They connect companies to the market most likely to use their product, then have people host parties Avon-style and give everyone who attends free stuff.
Yes, my guests will still have to pay for shipping and handling, but truthfully, it's a free hard cover 8x8 photobook from a company I have used many times and actually genuinely like their system.
This is a freaking-fracking win-win kids!
I'm in love and I'm hoping to host plenty more parties!
So here are some random, smiley, gratuitous photos of me opening my "Party Pack"!
The party is on 11/5, and I fully intend to post pictures of it because I already have fun stuff planned, like creating a tapas table and calling them "Food Snapshots"! Puns rule.


Tayla said...

The party sounds great and all but since I live many miles away, and thus won't be there, I would most like to know about the FABULOUS necklace you are wearing. Can I make one and, if so, how?

Avocado Pardo said...

Thanks Tayla, you can in fact make one, the DIY was on June 16th. However, if I were you I would not. Just saying.