Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wonderful Bookstore

I was given an amazing opportunity today.
8 Cousins Bookstore in Falmouth, MA hosted a local authors day with 24 authors represented.
It was absolutely packed to the gills, and an enormously wonderful experience.
Sure, we only sold one book.
Oh wait, I've never mentioned my book on here so just a touch of background, I wrote a children's book that my aunt was kind of enough to illustrate, titled Bellerina.
You can visit our website here if you're so inclined, and this is one of the lovely sketches:
So back to today, we only sold one book but I had so many lovely conversations with wonderful people who were genuinely nice, and informative.
I got some amazing tips from a guy who has written four adult novels on how to get moving with mine, and what to do about organization and follow through.
All in all I left there a few business cards shorter, and a thousand thoughts richer.

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