Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nothing to do with the kids this weekend?

I adore The Children's Museum in Easton for many reasons, the focus on play, the variety of activities for different ages and interests, but mostly because it's the best deal on the South Shore.
A family membership is $80 annually, and there are drop in activities galore. My absolute favorite of which is Wednesday and Thursday at 10am when the downstairs is turned in to Sing-a-long central with kids generally ages 18 months-4 (though I'm sure there is variation on either side) singing and dancing up a storm!
There are also dinosaur days, art days, and a bunch of fun extra activities that are mostly free for members with the occasional small fee. So basically instead of paying $80 for one month of music class at Isis, it's $80 for the whole year, and there is a ton of stuff to do. I know that Isis has value in it's own way as well, but for those of us who just can't stomach that kind of cost The Children's Museum offers so much for such a low cost.
This is a GREAT holiday gift for the family with young children in your life!

SO back to the post title: This weekend they are doing a Gingerbread Day on Saturday and Sunday, check out the website for hours. The event is free for members, with a $1 donation to decorate a cookie. Honestly, $1. I do have to throw in the caveat that I will not be attending this (I'm totally going holiday shopping instead), but my husband is excited about checking out the new spaceship with Belle!

Do you have a Children's Museum membership? What do you think?

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