Sunday, December 4, 2011

Date Night Outfit

The husbando took me on a fantastic dinner date for my 30th birthday!
We went to Trattoria Della Nonna in Mansfield, and everything we ate was phenomenal! Specifically the cheesy mushroom dip, which had some kind of delightful fried dough of some sort covered in shredded parmesan, it was glorious.

I love getting ready for date night! Here's what I wore:

The sweater (Banana) and skirt (Target) are both about 7 years old, but still in good condition.

The tights I got at Aldo for $15, which is way more than I would normally pay for tights, but it was well worth it because they have gold thread in them and I adore the shine. The shoes are last year's Steve Maddens, and I wear them all holiday season, every chance I get.
But the REAL star of the outfit is of course, the Kate Spade ring (my first ever Kate Spade purchase!), that was originally $98 and I scored it at the outlet for $20.83! Best. Find. Ever.


Masshole Mommy said...

Oooh, I think you live closer to me than I realized. I'm wicked lame, though - if I am in Mansfield,I get take out from Cousins.

Avocado Pardo said...

I am right in the B-rock. I've never been to Cousins, this was a recommendation from my husbands coworker and it's phenomenal! Definitely not an "everyday" place, but delicious for a special occasion.