Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa Stache

I had a cookie swap this year and I think it's going to be a Christmas time tradition, and not just because everything was yummy, it was a great group of women and we had an awesome time!
I'm not saying we had more fun because of our Santa mustache cups...but that was probably a huge part of it, how can you not smile and laugh looking at this:

To make them I bought white foam board at the craft store, traced and cut out a bunch of mustaches and then used regular old scotch tape to stick them to wine glasses! Serve with Santa Sangria (Wine, diet Sprite, triple sec and lime juice) , and Elf Elixer (Juice and lemon lime seltzer water) and voila, holiday cheer:

I also made a crescent roll wreath, which I've never done before but tasted fabulous and looked ridiculously festive:

And of course, our cookie assortment...does it get better than this?

Definitely a tradition in the making!

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