Thursday, December 8, 2011

Picture Christmas Cards- My husband is a grinch

If you ever want to see my husband, a normally mild mannered, agreeable man, go off on a tirade of epic proportions ask him about picture Christmas cards.
He loathes them.

He hates them in the following order, with hatred being multiplied exponentially as the list goes on:
1. Pictures of children
If I know you well enough to be getting a Christmas card from you, I've seen your kid in the last two months, he doesn't look much different now. What a waste of a stamp.
2. Pictures of entire families, all in white shirts, on the beach
You're a bunch of pretentious a*holes.
3. Pictures of just couples
Seriously dude? What am I supposed to do with this? It's creepy enough when I stick a picture of someone else's kid on the fridge. What will people think of me if they see a picture of a 30-something year old couple?
4. Pictures of pets
Throw it out! Don't even think about putting that on our fridge! What is wrong with people? No one likes your dog as much as you do. NO ONE! (Please note, this reaction is much, much worse if it is a pug...Linds, I'm talking to you)
5. Pictures of pets dressed in Christmas clothing
This is the worst thing humanly possible to do, not just for a Christmas card, but in life in general. It should be a federal offense. And your dog hates you for it.

So what did I do today you ask?
I ordered our Christmas card, with a picture of our daughter on it.
I think that it's a compromise that I didn't put his mug on it, and I only ordered 12 so they won't be flying about New England attached to fridge's of 3rd cousins.
But she's so damn cute I couldn't resist showing her off a little.... I'm an offender, and I'm willing to take the tirade.


Masshole Mommy said...

Oh, I guess it's a good thing I didn't send you a Christmas card then. The 5 of us were all in white shirt, only we were in a cranberry bog in Bridgewater. It was in October and all the purty trees behind us. Hey, I think we looked pretty damn cute ;)

Avocado Pardo said...

I love those! My goal is to break him in with a few kids only cards, then totally push my luck by trying for a family photo in a few years.... A cranberry bog sounds like a beautiful setting!

liza said...

fI am solidly in the Hubby Camp on this one, Pardita =)

You'd love the 'tianguis', or Tuesday market they have here in San Miguel. ACRES of tables laden with 'stuff' that's great to make other 'stuff' with, including tons of clothing + bedding that I am sure started out in collection bins in the U.S. I made a fabulous duvet cover out of sheets I found. Got to go back to reading your blog to see what other good ideas you have! Love- L.