Sunday, September 4, 2011

Two minutes til guests arrive??

Yesterday we had the pleasure of hosting one of husbando's friends and his family for a BBQ, I love hanging out with other couples who have kids (most of our friends are still fancy free), because I don't worry as much about my house, I leave the toys everywhere when they come over, I don't apologize when my daughter grabs someone's leg and forcibly drags them in to a room. It's so much more relaxing!
But I did look at my table, with a white table cloth on it, and a basket of rolls (homemade from this recipe) and it just looked bare. I had no flowers in the house, this is the seasonal "dead zone" so I couldn't do a quick theme piece, so I did this:
Got to showcase my beautiful tea cups (though I wish I had one with a pattern to set it off), and it was a use for the 1,000 fabric flowers I have hanging around the house!

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