Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Big Peach

Awesome Just Write idea, about free flow blogging here, that I found via another amazing blog space! Seemed like a good thing to do to kickstart my blogging after the hiatus for this weekend's wedding:

Life is good.
At the grocery store picking up some lunch and I found the worlds biggest peach, assuredly James and his friends reside in here. Well, not for long, since I'm about to decimate it, in all of its juicy goodness.
You have to take the little things in life and relish them, enjoy them, let them remind you that in the long run, past all of the trials the world that we live in is a good one, fruitful and accommodating.
Sure, this morning my daughter threw up all over the car while I was on the way to drop her off with my stepfather for the day.
Sure, it ruined my work outfit and I had to scrounge through my mom's closet to find a new one.
Sure, at work when I was picking up my laptop out of a drawer the strap on the dress I stole from my mom broke off.
But you know what? My daughter (with all of her throw-uppy goodness) is an amazing, happy, vibrant little being who brings joy to my life, I found a safety pin in my purse to fix my strap, and then of course there is the giant peach (almost completely gone at this point in the post).

When I remember to relish what I receive instead of dwelling on my obstacles the truth shines through:
Life is good!

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