Friday, September 16, 2011

A claustrophobic mother's "fort"

My lovely 2 year old asked me for a fort the other day.
I've been dreading this moment.
Not because I don't like to expend energy on my child, truth be told I love running around doing all the fun kiddie stuff we don't get to do anymore as adults.
But I'm not a big fan of tight spaces. And the forts of my childhood were always couch cushions stretching from the sofa to the coffee table.
THIS my friends, is a freakin' fort:
It's pretty much a two bedroom, probably bigger than most Manhattan apartments. Here are the keys: 1. if you have a tent in your house, even one of the little ones for toys like I have here, USE it! Wow it creates more space. 2. To unite your tons of sheets, nothing does the job like old fashioned wooden clothespins.
3. The ultimate secret key? An ironing board:
As seen here from the inside, it creates a whole wall, nice and high up off the ground.
It was more like a Bedouin tent than a fort, but it was glorious! Did she lose interest after about an hour and a half? Yes, yes she did.

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