Friday, September 23, 2011

Halloween Dinner!

Some days it is really hard to come up with something that you and your kids will eat, without sacrificing flavor and food quality. The husbando and I work super hard to expose our daughter to all kinds of tastes/textures and we work especially hard to make sure that almost everything is homemade.
However, sometimes I feel like the poor kid is missing out on some fun kid-like stuff. For example, she has no idea that chicken can come in dinosaur shaped nuggets!
So tonight was a quality compromise of delicious adult food, and fun little kid presentation.
We had homemade naan bread (look for a post on that when I have someone to "shoot" it for me), black bean hummus, sweet potato fries and assorted cheeses for dinner.
For the adults it looked like this:
And for the 2-year old?
Creepy Halloween Monster!!
Complete with fangs, black eyes, and fake ketchup blood. Which, obviously, my two year old called hair, but the husbando and I got a quality creepy laugh out of it.
PS For anyone who is interested, the beer is Mayflower IPA, an excellent beer bought in a growler straight from the brewery. Which I will post about soon. Awesome place!

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