Monday, September 26, 2011

Rainy Day Activity!

2 year old stuck in the house all day.
One would think that the toddler would crack first, but truly, it's usually the parent who is in the house with the toddler that starts to feel those walls closing in.
While sometimes this inspires nothing but an urge to turn on a movie, it does occasionally spark a creative project just before turning to madness.
I give you, the create-a-village project:
It is ideal for learning shapes and colors, and super easy.
I just cut a few triangles, squares, and vaguely "tree" shaped pieces out of construction paper and after we constructed our village I glued them together.
She liked it so much that I'm thinking I will do a version made out of felt (since the construction paper is easily destroyed by a toddler), with velcro on the back for a more permanent "shapes and colors" project.

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