Sunday, June 12, 2011

Maxi dress...major irritation!

Why are maxi dresses too short on me??
I am only 5'6"...I see no reason for anything to be too short!
If I was 5'11" at least I would be prepared for it!
But of course, I made a fatal error, I purchased a maxi dress 2 years ago without trying it on, and I'm thinking it was probably after a lunch that also involved a beer. That's my excuse anyways.
So it's taken me 2 years to finally do something with this piece of too short madness:
Please pardon the room, which I clearly didn't bother to clean pre-photo.
I decided since long skirts are in (Thank you Rachel Zoe), I'd do a super quick DIY long skirt.
Just cut off the top, fold back at the cut edge, sew the new seam shut, and run an elastic through the band! Voila! I got to rock my appropriate length skirt in New Orleans (hence the hotel room), and did I order cocktails to match my outfit? I might have.... but don't tell anyone because that's just embarrassing!

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