Thursday, June 16, 2011

$30 for that necklace? Take this snotty store!

I would never, never post a DIY like this if the store that I'm referring to wasn't super, duper rude to everyone who walks in!
I truly don't know how these people stay in business, probably because they are always stocked with adorable accessories that I can't seem to find anywhere else.
Last time I walked in to said unnamed store in Falmouth Center I saw a delightful fabric covered necklace with big chunky beads and I was almost considering purchasing it even though for moral reasons I don't want to support them. Then I thought, Nicole, what is wrong with you? You have a sewing machine, you can do this!
And I give you, the easiest DIY ever, the fabric necklace:

Start with 5 wooden beads of varying sizes, I got these at A.C. Moore, a package of 40 beads for $2.99. So if you're in my family you should probably be expecting one of these for Christmas or your birthday. Cut a piece of fabric to your desired necklace length plus 12 inches, about 8 will be used for tying a bow in back, and you'll lose about 4 inches on knots, and wide enough to easily wrap around your largest bead. My largest bead had a circumference of 3 inches, so I cut my fabric 4 inches wide.
Next, pin the fabric right sides together and sew one end, and the entire length, leaving the other end open:
Then, find the center of your necklace, measure out where you want your 5 beads, and tie a knot on the opposite end of where you want your first bead to start. Drop in a bead, tie a knot, repeat, until all 5 beads are securely in your fabric tube. Then sew up the end and voila, fabric necklace:

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