Saturday, June 4, 2011

Homemade Birthday

My daughter has an obsession with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I hear that it is pretty standard around age 2.
It almost made my husband and I feel a little guilty about canceling cable.
Then we remember that we really hate TV and barely watch it, and honestly the last thing a child needs is more mindless animation in his or her life.
BUT for her birthday we did go with vague and admittedly half assed Mickey Mouse theme. I didn't even manage to get balloons or anything. But truly, I'm just not good with the theme thing on parties, I focus so much on the food I just can't get past what people are going to eat.
So I made yummers chocolate/chocolate cupcakes, complete with red cupcake liners, little yellow feet (which when stacked up before being taped to the bottom of the cupcakes just looked like a bunch of yellow boobs), and York Peppermint Patties cut in half for ears:
Did I also make her Minnie Mouse dress to strut around the house in? Yes I did.
However, I forgot to do a step by step tutorial, so I'll make the same style dress shortly with some how-to photos!

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