Monday, June 6, 2011

Big girl room- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme

The husbando and I transformed our guest room in to Belle's "Big Girl" room on Sunday.
She just turned 2 last weekend, I'm completely not prepared to give up the safety and security of her crib, I need to know where she is, I'm thrown in to a fit of panic every time I picture her in the gigantic bed we got her.
But, this isn't about me, and she's ready to move on, so I'm in the process of getting over myself.

I'm almost embarrassed to post the before photos exceptno one reads this blog yet so I'll do it now before I blast it to the world, and then decide if they're too heinous to keep up!
After, complete with Mickey Mouse ears that the husbando cut out of wood and I covered with shiny black fabric, anda bed skirt that I sewed to look like MM's shorts!
I didn't take DIY pictures for the bed skirt, but it's super easy, basically take a store bought bedskirt or a large piece of fabric and cut out a square piece in the center, sew the sides, then add two white ovals just above it. I won't lie, sewing ovals is way easier by hand than on a sewing machine, unless you've got mad skill, that I totally don't have.

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