Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wall Art Redo

So the husbando and I had a beautiful, delicate, super awesome paper cut out hanging in our room, but it was in this really horrid plastic frame that I just never bothered to replace. We bought this mind you about 6 years ago from a street vendor by Harvard, and it's supposed to bring good luck. We also had this super horrid wine "art" that the husbando was a fan of but I just couldn't bring myself to hang up on the wall, so I combined them!

Started by wrapping the offensive wine picture in fabric, stapled it right to the back.

Then I very, very carefully removed the paper cutout, which was brittle when we bought it I'm sure since it's so delicately cut, but way more brittle being 6 years old.

Then I trimmed it to fit and "ModPodged" the paper directly on to the fabric. This was an extraordinarily delicate process, and I did get some cracks/breakage in the paper but I don't feel that it hurt the finished look.

And yes, when the color started to run I had a little panic but everything turned out fine.

So we have saved two pieces of art that were "meh" and it's the new inspiration for my total bedroom redo which I will be talking about next week. I need loads of ideas.

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