Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday afternoon date

Is there anything better than a Sunday afternoon date?
The husbando and I haven't had time to get out lately, we've had a ton going on, and we don't want to overuse our babysitters so we haven't had any one on one date time in about 3 months. Which usually isn't a big deal for us, but I'm pregnant, and I'm feeling the need for some attention. Like one on one attention that doesn't involve simultaneously cutting up my daughter's lunch and frantically searching for crayons to keep her occupied.
Like real date time.
So today my husband took it upon himself to coordinate babysitting services with my mom and surprised me with a little afternoon date time!
We went to PF Changs and then did some crazy fun, cheesy, candlepin bowling! I truly had forgotten how much harder candlepin is than regular bowling. Like whoa.
We went to Needham Bowl, which is an awesome little 8 lane candlepin place! We were surprised to find that they had all day Cosmic Bowling on Sundays so my white dress was glowing in the black light and we were jamming out to music and totally played the whole time with bumpers. And we were still awful.
Truly though, I was also super excited about my outfit, here are a few gratuitous outfit shots:

The dress is from Levi jeans forever ago... but it is perfect maternity wear.

The bangles have been collected over the years from little stores here and there, I think the striped one is from Puerto Rico and the yellow one is from Newport. Purse was my moms in the 70s, I've used it more in the last 2 years than she did in the last 2 decades. Love.

And the finishing touch, my gorgeous hand knit legwarmers from my super clever friend Ms.Burney!

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