Monday, March 26, 2012

Save your chin- The towel holder

Here is an item that my husband fully does not understand: The towel holder.
It's super simple, just two clips that hold up the towel for when you're getting your little one out of the bath.
Am I the only person who does the chin down to the towel, try to hold it up, while struggling to get a little wet, slippery body out of the tub?

Also, SUPER helpful for when your child decides that splashing like a lunatic is the most fun that can be had in life but YOU have on an outfit that you really like and actually want to wear out of the house that night.
How can my husband not think that this is the most brilliant idea ever?

So easy to make!

Piece of fabric approximately 23 inches long and 4 inches wide (to determine length measure from one collar bone, around the back of your neck to the other then add two inches)
2- art board clips (found at Michaels in the same aisle as the fancy paint brushes)

1. Fold the fabric in half the long way and iron a crease down the middle.
2. Unfold the fabric, then fold each long side in so that it meets in the middle.

Fold this in half and press. Now you have a strap.
3. Stitch the strap closed.
4. String each end through the hole at the top of the art clip.

5. Sew the end to the strap, so that you have one art clip hanging on each side.

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