Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Be Mine" Valentine's Wreath

After having a circular wreath for both fall and Christmas I needed a total change of pace!
So I scavenged through my house and came out on the other side of scrap felt, an old frame and letters I usually use for wine charms with this:

First, I flipped the frame over and cut out a piece of glittery white felt (left over from my advent calendar) that fit in to the frame. I fired up the hot glue gun, ran glue around the edges and pressed it in to place.

Second, I made a ruffle out of a long piece of pink scrap fabric and rolled that in to a flower. All you do is start at one end and keep rolling the fabric around itself and this is what you get, super easy!

If you've never made a ruffle before just google it, honestly there are 1,000 sites with directions way better than I could ever give.
I placed the flower where I wanted it on the frame and hot glued it in place.
Then I took a piece of lace, cut it to fit the frame on a diagonal, and used jewelry jump hooks to secure little silver letters spelling "Be Mine" to the piece of lace. I got these letters ages ago and Michaels, I'm sure they still have them in the little kids beading section. (I've used them countless times as wine glass charms, that way people don't have to remember what animal they are, they just have remember their initials. Usually easier.)

I glued that in place and used 2 little red felt hearts to cover up the edges and neaten it up a bit.
String a ribbon through the top and you're done!

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