Sunday, November 13, 2011

I hate to talk Christmas already...

BUT, there was a project I had to start early!
First a quick note: I can't believe I've been MIA on this blog for so long, had a lot of stuff going on and wasn't feeling particularly creative, but I'm ready to get crafting again, and I'll be back in full force starting this week. Especially since theoretically I'm making Belle and I our Thanksgiving dresses....

So, here's a quick, super easy, super cheap gift that is great for any family with kids.
If your handwriting is anything short of horrific you can totally do this project!
Make a personalized cookies for Santa plate!

First, buy a plain white ceramic plate. At Christmas Tree Shop they are a whopping $0.69 a piece.
Then, purchase red acrylic paint intended for glass and ceramics, a startling $1.89 at Michaels.
Next, paint your message to Santa, let sit and dry for 21-25 days to assure that when you wash it the paint won't run off.
Mine isn't done yet, just one coat (it will need two), and I think I'm going to draw a little Christmas tree in the middle.

A few tips, be sure to wipe the ceramic with rubbing alcohol before you start to get rid of any finger prints. And if there's anything you don't like, just take a wet paper towel to it immediately and it will wipe away. So no fear on experimentation.

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