Friday, February 10, 2012

DIY Tory Burch pom pom scarf

Saw this on Blake Lively in In Style and I fell in love:

THEN I saw a similar one in hot pink (which I can't find a photo of) and that did it, even though it's not really close enough to Spring to DIY a scarf for semi-warm weather I went ahead and did anyways.
This is super easy, I did it on my sewing machine but honestly wouldn't take much to do by hand.

2 yards of fabric, 18 inches wide- I used a jersey knit that I had laying around, but
you could totally do this with a t-shirt that you don't plan on wearing anymore.
2 yards of pom pom trim from the interiors section of your fabric store. I assume that this is
usually used to trim curtains or pillows.
Coordinating thread

1. Pin the pom pom trim to the long side of your fabric

2. Sew it on with a zig zag stitch. At the ends fold the trim under and sew it to close it off.

3. Wear it

Stupid easy, stupid cheap. This cost me $3.50 for the 2 yards of pom pom, bought it when Joann's was having a half off sale on trim.

Just for the record, the Tory Burch version is $80. Just sayin'.

You can wear it rolled in tight, or wide:

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