Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wielding a shovel

I am determined to find my green thumb this year, all of my past gardening experiences have been sad. Super sad.
My flowers wilt and die, my potted plants get droopy and depressed, my vegetables either don't grow at all or rot before I manage to use them.
But not this year, oh no, this year is a whole new gardening Nicole! I am a planter, hear me roar!
This is what I started with:
So essentially I have no where to go but up, up, up!
After hours of tearing up the grass, savagely ripping out weeds, and evicting small gnomes I managed this:

Please remind me to do things to the garden, like water it, and weed it, and occasionally check on the eggplants to see if they're ready for consumption.
I always start this kind of project full of energy, enthusiasm, a quest to take on the world, then it dies, literally.
Turning over a new leaf this year (cue cheesy joke clap)!

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